First Visit

Our comprehensive initial examination will last about 1 ½ hours and will include a normal preventive cleaning by a hygienist if appropriate.

Our exam includes:

  • Cancer screening of oral facial and neck soft tissue including lymph nodes, saliva glands, carotid artery, thyroid, muscle, skin, bone, floor of the mouth and tongue.
  • Full evaluation of your teeth and restorations including visual and laser and digital X-ray decay evaluation, strength/longevity projection on restorations, and possible future needs.
  • Comprehensive periodontal evaluation noting gum tissue color, texture, shape, pocket depths, bleeding, puss, plaque levels, calculus (tarter or hard deposits on teeth), remaining bone support, and presence and level of periodontal disease.
  • Bio-mechanical evaluation of tooth positions, function, wear and aesthetics.
  • Smile evaluation for color, tooth position, size, harmony and overall balanced healthy pleasing appearance.
  • TMJ evaluation, screening evaluation of the jaw joints, muscles and cartilage associated with chewing.

Often if the diagnosis and findings are not too complex we will send you home with a written treatment plan including projected costs, insurance coverage and estimated appointment lengths. For more complex treatments or when several option exist for treatment we will schedule a consultation where we have time to help you decide what treatment you want and what the costs, benefits and risks are.