High Tech Diagnostics

Dexis Digital X-ray

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This small tool is a portable laser that allows us to detect cavities on the chewing surface of the back teeth that would have otherwise gone undetected by previous methods. Diagnosing cavities in the back of the mouth using traditional methods is difficult; studies even show that 50% of cavities are left undetected in these areas. However, the new DIAGNOdent enables us to locate and treat these cavities, putting a stop to further decay. The laser is easy to use, harmless, and will alert us with an audible signal if it detects a cavity. It will even calculate the approximate size of the cavity so we can better plan treatment. By using this device, you can rest assured that cavities will be accurately detected and treated in their infancy.

Digital Panograph

A Digital Panograph provides a very broad view of teeth, upper and lower jaws, sinuses, jaw joints and nasal areas.

A Digital Panograph is not designed to find cavities, but rather it reveals impacted teeth, bone abnormalities, fractures, infections, cysts and/or tumors. A Panoramic X-ray provides information that other dental x-rays cannot show. Based upon this information, we can assist you in securing the proper dental care.

3D Cone Beam Imaging

The Cone Beam Machine provides advanced, state-of-the-art 3D images that increase the quality and accuracy of dental care.

When using 3D imaging, dentists have the most accurate anatomic information to plan the placement of dental implants, perform better root canals, and provide safer removal of wisdom teeth. We purchased a 3D imaging system to have more accuracy and precision planning the treatment needed and wanted, therefore giving the dental team and the patient peace of mind in achieving a predicatable desired result.